Latest voodoo and supernatural stories by Doktor Snake. (Subscribe by email to Doc’s blog here).

Voodoo War Voodoo War - A strange and twisted tale of kidnapping, gangsta drug dealers and a conflict between voodoo shamans...
Twilight believer: How I became a voodoo man - "My grandfather in Trinidad was a sorcerer," said Earl. "He taught me the art of conjure, which some call voodoo and hoodoo."
How to sell your soul to the Devil at the crossroads - “If you wanna make a contract with the Devil...Take a Black Cat Bone and a guitar and go to a lonely crossroads at midnight."
Ghost car of the Zobops - "They shapeshifters, werewolves that in their human form specialize in very dark, atavistic magic."
Corpse Eater: Exorcism of a Cannibal - "He fantasized about killing his mother and father and eating them. He would look at his school friends and imagine drugging them and slicing flesh from their thighs, cooking it up and consuming it..."
Card reading for a gangland queen - "Get used to it unless you want one of your toes removed..."
Beelzebub goes to Norwich - Arch-demon Beelzebub comes to Earth from Hell, hires a writer to help him create a user-friendly guide to the brain...
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