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BIO: Author of cult bestseller “Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook” (St Martin’s Press) – provides voodoo spellcasting services to clients around the world. Acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities on selling your soul to the Devil at the crossroads. Appeared on TV, radio, and media all over the globe. Read more about Doktor Snake here.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

(As seen in The Sun, Chat It’s Fate, The Times, Maxim Magazine & more)

Doktor Snake is regularly covered by the tabloids and is a go-to guest on talk radio and TV around the world. Here’s a selection of Doc’s media coverage.

The Sun newspaper

Scottish Sun – Shaman claims he helped boxing champ Ricky Burns beat voodoo curse
March 14th, 2011: The shaman who claims he helped boxing champ Ricky Burns beat a voodoo curse told last night of his joy as the Scot successfully defended his world title… Read more.

Scottish Sun – Shaman’s spell fires Ricky up to beat ring rival
March 12th, 2011: A VOODOO master who saved boxing champ Ricky Burns from a bizarre cursed pigeon has vowed the Scot will set his rival’s backside on FIRE tonight… Read more.

Scottish Sun – Anything you can voodoo, I can voodoo better
Feb 5th, 2011: Powerful voodoo master Doktor Snake has summoned a fearsome ‘graveyard snake’ to un-doo the bizarre bird curse put on boxing champ Ricky Burns…Read more.

Scottish Sun – Voo-Doo
Feb 4th, 2011: BOXING ace Ricky Burns last night laughed off a “bird-brained” bid to curse his next bout with a demonic doo. Read more.

The Sun: We’ll nail German Cup hex
April 18th, 2006: Doktor Snake puts coffin nail in Germany’s chances of winning 2006 World Cup.

The Sun World Cup 2006 Voodoo Dolls

Daily Star – Voo Fighters
May 8th, 2006: Doktor Snake and his voodoo dolls could help Wayne Rooney to beat his foot injury.

Daily Star Voo Fighters May 8 2006

Daily Star – Witch Docs Put Hex On Becks
March 27th, 2006: Pins go into a Wayne Rooney voodoo doll – but British expert Doktor Snake claims he has the answer to break the witch doctors’ spell on the England team.

Daily Star Witch Doctors Put Hex On Becks March 27 2006Daily Star Witchdoctors Put Hex On Becks March 27 2006Daily Star Witchdoctors Put hex On Becks March 27 2006-1

Norwich Evening News – I want to meet you so you can sell your soul
July 9th, 2004: Doktor Snake is hoping that readers in Britain will fall under his spell when his book is published next month.

Evening News Musicians Sell Your Soul July 9 2004

Norwich Evening News – Sign up with the devil and Dr Snake
August 22nd, 2003: The mysteriously named Doktor Snake says the Crossroads Rite offers the chance of guaranteed stardom to talented musicians.

Evening News Ebay Devil's Pact August 22 2003

Norwich Evening News – I helped singer make a pact with the devil
December 31st, 2003: The mysterious Doktor Snake claimed he set Lowestoft rock band The Darkness on the road to success by helping lead singer Justin Hawkins make a pact with the devil.

Evening News Darkness Devil's Pact December 31 2003 Evening News Jennifer Lopez Defended by Doc Snake

The Times – Darkness Tale “Just Devilment”
Jan 2nd, 2003: Could infernal powers explain the extraordinary rise of the Spandex-sporting glamrock outfit The Darkness last year?

The Times Darkness Pact With The Devil Jan 2nd 2004

Maxim Magazine – Ask Doktor Snake
2005 – Doktor Snake’s voodoo agony uncle columns from Maxim Magazine.

Maxim Magazine CoverMaxim Ask Doc 4Maxim Ask Doc 3Maxim Ask Doc 2Maxim Ask Doc 1

The X Factor – Interview with Doktor Snake
Spring 2001: The Afro-American system of folk magic known as Hoodoo is closely related to the religion of voodoo. Although most Hoodooists are of African origin, the tradition is now attracting a growing following among Europeans. One of the most prominent of these is Doktor Snake, a London-born poet and guitar player turned witchdoctor…

X Factor CoverX Factor Hoodoo GuruX Factor Hoodoo Guru 3X Factor Hoodoo Guru 2
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